Booklist with ISBN

If you elect to purchase your books from a source other than FCTC, please use this ISBN Book List to ensure you get the correct book.


Agri-Science ISBN#
FNGLA Note Book 9788888897134
Applying Pesticides Correctly 9788888897158
Engineering Scale Ruler 9788888897165
Onamental/Turf Grass Pest Management 9788888897141
Aircraft Frabrication ISBN#
Aircraft Structure Maint. Text Book T-AFSTR-0301
Aircraft Structure Maint. WKBK T-AFSTR-0302
Aircraft Structural Text Book T-AST-0101
Aorcraft Strictira; Text WKBK T-AST-0102
Print Reading for Industry 987-163-126-0513
Safety Ethics 5075464247X
Electrial (New book coming soon)  
Electrial (New book coming soon)  
Automotive Service Technician       ISBN#
CDX Fundamentals of Auto Tech 978-1-2840-5946-5
CDX Online 978-1-4496-1499-7
ASE 1 Engine Repair 978-1-933180-71-7
ASE 2 Automatice Transmission/Transaxle 978-1-933180-86-1
ASE 3 Maunal Drivetrain & Axle 978-1-934855-08-9
ASE 4 Suspension & Steering 978-1-934855-17-1
ASE 5 Brakes 978-1-934855-43-0
ASE 6 Electrical & Eelectronic 978-1-934855-28-7
ASE 7 Heating & AC 978-1-934855-29-4
ASE 8 Engine Performance 978-1-934855-30-0
Air Cond./Refrig. & Heating Tech. ISBN#
Fundamentals of A/C Study Guide       978888897172
Fundamentals fo A/C Refrigeration WKBK       978888897189
Domestic Refrigeration Freezer & Window AC       96-011986
Refrigeration & AC Technology Lab Manual       978-1-111-64448-2
Refrigeration & AC Technology Text Book       978-1-111-64447-5
Basic Refrigeration & Charging 1930044135
Heat Pumps 1930044291
Troubleshooting /Service AC/Ref. 1930044062
HVACR Electric Student Guide  
HVACR Electric Systems Student WKBK 9788888897202
Electrical Theory & App for HVACR 1-930044-32-1
Residential & Light Commercial 9788888897219
EPA Cert. Exam Preparatory Manual 930044003
Cosmetology ISBN#
Milady Cosmetology Book 9781305927919
Culinary Arts ISBN#
Florida Restaurant Association Servsafe Manager 978-1-58280-310-4
Nutrition 978-0-13-218163-1
Associate Handbook 9788888897271
Hospitality Human Resources Manager 978-0-13-310208-6
Professional Food Manager Cert. Training 0-9675817-6-1
Purchasing 978-0-13-272489-0
On baking, On Cooking & Garde Manger Packet 134117735



Diesel Technology ISBN#
Med. Hvy. Duty Comm Veh Systems 9781284091996
Dental Assisting ISBN#
Modern Dental Assisting 978-1-455-77451-7
Modern Dental Assisting Study Guide 978-1-455-77454-8
Practice Management for Dental Assisting 978-0-323-06536-8
Radiology/Dental Prefessional 978-0-323-06400-2
Dental Materials 978-1-437-70855-4
Dental Instruments 978-0-323-18594-3
Review Q&A for Dental Assisting 978-0-323-10170-7
Infection Control 978-0-323-08257-0
Dental Terminology 978-1-133-01971-8
Medical Assisting ISBN#
Sim Chart Access Code  
HESI Code  
MA Notes 978-0-803-62366-8
Davis Drug Guide 978-0-803-63981-2
Today’s Medical Assisting Adaptive Learning 978-0-323-26236-1
Patient Care Technology ISBN#
Assisting with Patient Care Text 978-0-323-02496-9
Assisting with Patient Care Workbook 978-0-323-02658-1
Practical Nursing ISBN#
Kaplan NCLEX PN 2015/2016 978-1-618-65876-0
Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary 978-0-803-63981-2
Understanding Medical Surgery Text book 978-0-803-63975-1
Understanding Medical Surgery Study Guide 978-0-803-64069-6
Understanding Anatomy & Physiology Text book 978-0-803-64373-4
Undertanding Anatomy & PhysiologyStudy Guide 978-0-803-64374-1
Fundamental of Nursing Care Text 978-0-803-63874-4
Fundamental of Nursing Care Study Guide 978-0-803-63975-1
LP Notes  
Welding ISBN#
OCP A Handout FCTC Printing
OCP B Handout FCTC Printing
OCP C Handout FCTC Printing
OCP D Handout FCTC Printing
OCP E Handout FCTC Printing
OCP F Handout FCTC Printing
Welding Principles and Applications 9781111039172
Pipe Welding Procedures 978-0-8311-3141-8
Fabircators and Erectors Guide  
Blue Print Reading For Welders 978-1-133-60578-2
Gas Tungsten Arc Welding 9788888897318
New Lessons in Arc Welding  
Emergency Care 13/e Packet 9780134190754
BLS for Healthcare Providers (CPR) 90-1038
Fire Fighting I & II ISBN#
Essentials of Fire Fighting 9780133427707
Paramedic ISBN#
Pedatric Advanced Life Support 9781616691127
Rapid Interpretation of EKG’s 9780912912066
Paramedic Principles and Practices  
Advanced Cardiovascular life Support 9781616690106