Privacy & Security

For your information, the following measures are taken to ensure the security of your private information:

All paper records are secured in each of the Financial Aid Specialists’ Office. Offices are locked every time the Specialist leaves their office, even for a short time.

All electronic records – network & local copies – are password protected. No records can be accessed without the appropriate login ID’s & passwords.

Information release forms are available online or in the Financial Aid Office for you to consent to release records to specific individuals, agencies, or companies.

FYI, common access is authorized for: the student; Financial aid staff; authorized FCTC staff; authorized outside parties; US Dept. of Education; auditors; law enforcement (Federal, State, local) with appropriate subpoena and after the student is notified; other educational institutions as needed to award financial aid

Examples of those who do NOT have access to your records: unauthorized college staff; parents (unless the student authorizes access); media; State agencies (except for the State Financial Aid Office); law enforcement without proper authorization

The Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) is available here:

A general overview of FERPA for students is available here: