Distance Education

What is Distance Education? Distance Education, or Distance Learning, takes place when instruction is delivered to students who are not physically present in a traditional classroom and separated from their instructor. Distance Education courses that require students to attend portions of the course in a traditional setting are known as hybrid or blended courses.

Online courses are those courses in which instruction is delivered through a computer. Many online courses are also distance courses.

The goal of these pages is to increase students’ readiness and self-confidence in taking distance and online courses. By completing this orientation, you should expect:

  • to become familiar with course delivery tools, methods, and requirements; to gain a basic familiarity with appropriate learning and studying strategies for distance learning;
  • to get acquainted with course communication and interaction tools and protocols;
  • to understand your responsibilities as a distance student;
  • to be fairly comfortable with course delivery software and hardware and boost your technical proficiency;
  • to be able to resolve technical problems or find appropriate assistance, if needed.

To gain the most knowledge from this orientation, we recommend that you review each section thoroughly. You are strongly encouraged to:

To make sure your computer system meets the necessary requirements, please read the System Requirements page or have your system checked through Desire2learn.