Medium & Heavy Duty Truck & Bus Technology (Diesel)

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Career Cluster:

Transportation, Distribution and Logistics

Exit Requirements:

Math-9 * Reading-9 * Language-9

Enrollment Open To:

Adults and Dual-Enrolled High School Students


St. Augustine Campus

Program Day/Evening:


What You'll Learn:

Program focuses on the diagnostics, repair, and maintenence of clean diesel, Med/Heavy Truck & Bus electrical system diagnostics and repair, Air Brake sytems diagnostics and repair, Hydraulic Brake Systems and Air over Hydraulic Brake systems diagnostics and repair, Heating and Air conditioning systems diagnostics and repair, Steering and Suspension systems diagnostics and repair, Transmission and Drivetrain systems diagnostics and repair, Med/Heavy Truck & Bus Preventive Maintenance Inspections and Hydraulic systems diagnostics and repair diagnostics and repair. Students will be prepared for (ASE)T-2 through T-8 and or H-2 through H-8 industry certification.


Hands-on learning in diesel engine theory and design, engine performance, cooling systems, lubrication systems, induction exhaust and after-treatment systems, electrical systems, power train principles, Air and Hydraulic brake systems, steering alignment, and more..

Program Hours:

1800 Hours

Program Estimated Cost:

$7,290 (Based on Florida Residency Requirements)


Medium & Heavy Duty Truck & Bus Technician 1

OCP Course Number Course Title Course Length
A DIM0101 Diesel Engine Mech/Tech Helper 150 hours
B DIM0102  Diesel electrical & Electronics Tech 300 hours
C DIM0104  Diesel Engine Techn 300 hours
D DIM0105  Diesel Brakes Tech 300 hours

Medium & Heavy Duty Truck & Bus Technician 2

OCP  Course Number  Course Title Course Length
 A  DIM0103  Diesel Engine Preventative Maint Tech 150
B DIM0106  Diesel Heating & A/C Tech  150
C DIM0107  Diesel Steering & Suspension Tech  150
D DIM0108  Diesel Drivetrain Tech 150
E DIM0109  Diesel Hydraulic Tech  150

Employment Opportunities:

Car and Truck Dealership Technician

Fleet Repair Shop Technician

Heavy Equipment and Machinery

Parts stores Counter Representative

Large Marine Shipyard Technician

Power Generation Technician

Trains and Cranes Technician

Industry Certifications:

Automotive Service Excellence Professional Certification

Starting Salaries:

$28,000 -$60,000
*Based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Florida


Instructor or Department Contact Information:

Name: Terry Smith

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 904-547-3282


For gainful employment information please click here.

Name: Charles Harper

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 904-547-3440