Dual and Secondary Enrollment FAQ

Why should I enroll in Dual & Secondary programs at FCTC?

At FCTC, Dual Enrollment and Secondary Programs provide students with a head start to industry certifications, success in college, savings on education, and exploration in for high skill, high wage jobs.

What Dual Enrollment program options are available?

Medical Assisting, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Technology (HVAC), Landscape and Turf Management, Nursery Management, Automotive Service Technology, Culinary Arts, and Diesel Technology

What Secondary Enrollment program options are available?

Nails and Facials Specialty, Cosmetology, Early Childhood Education, and Culinary Arts

What are the requirements for Dual Enrollment?

2.0 unweighted GPA, on track for graduation, good attendance and discipline record, and room in schedule for required periods of attendance.

In what grade can a student Dual or Secondary enroll in a program?

Students can enroll in as early as the 9th grade. Typically, students begin enrollment in the 10th grade.

What are the benefits to Dual & Secondary Enrollment?

A student can receive elective, vocational, performing arts, CTE, and/or Science credit(s), state licensure/certification; CTE college credit; and be career ready prior to graduation.

How can I earn credit through Dual enrollment?

A student must complete the FCTC program’s competencies and course enrollment hours.

Is the student responsible for transportation to FCTC? Are parking passes available?                                                                     

Yes, students self-transport. Parking passes are available for students who are in a home education/private school, have documented mobility exceptions, attended an evening program, and whose home high school is not within walking distance.

Will I have to pay any fees as a FCTC Dual & Secondary enrolled student?                                                                      

Dual students are not required to pay tuition. Supply fees may apply, and uniforms are the responsibility of the student for programs that require them.

How do I become a FCTC Dual Enrolled Student?

Meet with your HS Guidance Counselor(s) to express interest and confirm required periods/blocks are availability in schedule. Then complete the DE application and return to your HS Guidance Counselor by the specified deadline and take required pre-assessment.

How can I become a FCTC Secondary Enrolled Student?

Meet with your HS Guidance Counselor to confirm required blocks are availability in schedule. Then complete Secondary Enrollment Registration form to your HS Guidance Counselor by the deadline.

For Applications to both programs  http://fctc.edu/students/highschool/programs/

Dual Enrollment Questions                Email Sam Guldswog  or call (904)-547-3379 

Secondary Enrollment Questions   Email  Wakilah Augustus or call (904)-546-3378

Dual & Secondary FAQ