City of St. Augustine is hiring a Utility Worker

City of St. Augustine

Utility Worker

Job Description:
Performs manual labor as assistant on utility crew. Work involves assisting with the
construction, repairing, cleaning and maintenance portions of the City’s water, sewer or storm system and other engineered infrastructure components.Assists in installation and/or maintenance of water, storm sewer, gravity sewer and force mains, culvert
pipe, end walls, fire hydrants and valves. Assists in installation and/or rehabilitation of sewer manholes and storm drains.
Trains and assists with installation and operation of line stopping equipment, wet tapping and jack and
bore machinery on lines in service and under pressure.
Safely operates jackhammer, air compressor, cut off saw, compactor and pumps as required. Loads and unloads material and equipment from trucks, trailers and backhoes.
Assists in laying pipe by placing in trench, aligning, compacting and covering.
Drives vehicle to and from job site. Digs ditches, trenches and holes with hand tools as directed. Assists with service line placement, large meter installation and fire hydrant repair and/or placement.
Installs wellpoints and header pipe as directed.

40 hour workweek

Starting Pay:
$14.74 per hour

Minimum Requirements:
High School diploma is desired. Completion of 10th grade education required. Ability to
understand simple oral and written instructions. Knowledge of or experience with piping
systems, irrigation systems, trenching and other tasks related to the job responsibilities above
is preferred.
Driver’s License Requirement: Valid Florida Driver’s License Classification B‐N (Tank
Endorsement) or temporary permit and ability to pass road test within 90 days of employment.

How to apply:
Please apply by completing an official City of St. Augustine application which can be found on our website at .