Clay County Board of County Commissioners is hiring Firefighter-EMT & Firefighter/Paramedic

Clay County Board of County Commissioners

Green Cove Springs, FL

Firefighter-EMT & Firefighter/Paramedic


Salary $43,680.00 Annually
Location   Green Cove Springs, FL
Job Type   Full-time
General DescriptionThis is a shift level position (24 hrs on, 48 hrs off) primarily concerned with emergency and non-emergency activities inclusive of fire suppression, emergency medical rescue, fire prevention and the life safety education/planning/enforcement components of the Fire-Rescue Division.  Perform general life safety and property conservation efforts at fires, medical emergencies, physical entrapments inclusive of motor vehicle crashes, and at natural and man-made disasters inclusive of hazardous materials incidents as assigned.


  • Special Operations/Haz-Mat Team – $31.00 per pay period 
  • Honor Guard Team – $31.00 per pay period 
  • Fire Safety Inspector Certification – $31.00 per pay period 
  • Incident Safety Officer Certification – $31.00 per pay period 
  • Florida Paramedic Certification – $308.00 per pay period

***LAST DAY TO SUBMIT APPLICATIONS FOR THE June 2, 2023 CLASS WILL BE August 22023. Please make sure to have all applications and additional documents sent in and completed by this deadline to be considered for the next Recruit Class*** 

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

Administration of appropriate patient care at their Division approval status (EMT or Paramedic) and as defined by Florida State Statutes, in all emergency medical situations.This administration of care shall be based upon the Department medical protocols and any other policies and/or procedures set forth by the Department.

Protection of life and property through safe and effective fire suppression techniques inclusive of hose stream application, water supply, forcible entry tools and equipment, ladders, extrication, rescue and building searches, salvage and overhaul functions, ventilation, etc.Refer to NFPA 1001 for further specific skills.

Assist in performing scheduled mechanical check-out and check-out of all fire, medical and other equipment carried on the units assigned to them to check.Assists with replenishment, replacement, and/or repairs of these items as required.Shall document and notify the appropriate authorities of any mechanical or operational defects found during vehicle or equipment check-out.

Operate County vehicles in a safe and lawful manner at all times.

Participate in the following evolutions as directed:

  • Community service activities/special details
  • Training (classroom/practical) as assigned by company officer and directive
  • General minor repair/maintenance of equipment and facilities
  • Maintain cleanliness of vehicles and facilities

Assist in the completion of proper documentation of fire or EMS calls, as directed by their officer.This documentation shall include, but not be limited to, patient medical reports and State fire reports.

At all times represents the Department in a professional, courteous and considerate manner when dealing with fellow employees, other municipalities, County or private agencies, the public, County officials, or superiors within the Department.

Perform all Department activities in a safety conscious manner and utilize Universal Precautions on all medical emergencies.

Perform all other tasks and/or duties as required or assigned and within the skills/abilities of the Firefighter.

In the absence of the Engineer, this position may be required to serve in a step up capacity, provided the individual meets the essential minimum requirements for the position of Lieutenant. Solely based upon this step up provision, the essential minimum requirements shall be:

Successful completion of the Department’s professional qualifications standard (PQS) for a Firefighter working out of position as a Engineer

Regular attendance is an essential function of this position.

NOTE:  These examples are intended only as illustrations of the various kinds of work performed in positions allocated to this class.  The omission of specific statements of duties does not exclude them from the position if the work is similar, related or a logical assignment of the position. 

Minimum RequirementsBe at least 18 years old by date of employment.

Must possess a valid and appropriate State of Florida Class E Driver’s License.

Must complete a certified EVOC program as required by law. All Emergency Operations personnel must be able to drive County vehicles, and the loss or suspension of an individual’s driver’s license may be grounds for suspension or termination of employment.
State of Florida Firefighter Minimum Standards Certification.

Certified by the State of Florida Department of Health as an Emergency Medical Technician or Paramedic.

Graduation from an accredited high school or possess of an acceptable equivalency diploma.

Fire Minimum Standards requirements under the applicable Florida State Statutes.

Certification by the American Heart Association (Provider Course C) or the American Red Cross equivalent. American Heart Association certification for Advanced Cardiac Life Support required for Paramedics.

NOTE:  Other specific requirements may be in place via State law, Medical Director order, or Department SOP that are not included in this document that may be required for incentive or assignment pay.

All above requirements must be maintained.

While requirements may be representative of minimum levels of knowledge, skills and abilities to perform this job successfully, the incumbent will possess the abilities or aptitudes to perform each duty proficiently.

The job description in no way implies that these are the only duties to be performed.  Employees occupying the position will be required to follow any other job-related instructions and to perform any other job related duties requested by their supervisor.

Reasonable accommodation will be made for otherwise qualified individuals with a disability.

Supplemental Information

Must be physically capable and medically approved to perform the necessary duties in accordance with State laws.  Refer to NFPA 1582 “Firefighter Medical Standards” for specific requirements.

Shall, as a member of a two person crew, have the strength and range of motion to lift a 200 pound patient from the ground, a bed, or from a vehicle; either supported by immobilization equipment or unsupported.

Shall, as a member of a two person crew, have the strength and range of motion to lift a 200 pound patient on an ambulance stretcher from the ground position to the load position, and into an ambulance.

Shall have the physical ability and dexterity to perform the medical care skills included in the EMT/Paramedic curriculums and Department EMS SOP in such standard scenarios as a supine or prone patient on the ground, a bed, or in a vehicle.

The below essential functions are what the Firefighter is expected to perform at emergency incidents and are derived from the performance objectives stated in NFPA 1001, “Standard for Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications”.

Such essential functions are performed in and affected by the following environmental factors:

  • Operate both as a member of a team and independently at incidents of uncertain duration.
  • Spend extensive time outside exposed to the elements.
  • Tolerate extreme fluctuations in temperature while performing duties.Must perform physically demanding work in hot (up to 400° F), humid (up to 100%) atmospheres while wearing equipment that significantly impairs body-cooling mechanisms.
  • Experience frequent transition from hot to cold and from humid to dry atmospheres.
  • Work in wet, cold, or muddy areas.
  • Perform a variety of tasks on slippery, hazardous surfaces such as on rooftops or from ladders.
  • Work in areas where sustaining traumatic or thermal injuries is possible.
  • Face exposure to carcinogenic dusts such as asbestos, toxic substances such as hydrogen cyanide, acids, carbon monoxide, or organic solvents either through inhalation or skin contact.  Applicable Florida law requires firefighters to not be tobacco users for one year prior to certification and personnel hired after the adoption of this document must remain “tobacco free.”
  • Face exposure to infectious agents such as hepatitis B or HIV, etc. Wear personal protective equipment that weights approximately 50 pounds while performing fire fighting tasks.
  • Perform physically demanding work while wearing positive pressure breathing equipment with 1.5 inches of water column resistance to exhalation at a flow of 40 liters per minute. Perform complex tasks during life-threatening emergencies.
  • Work for long periods of time, requiring sustained physical activity and intense concentration.
  • Face life or death decisions during emergency conditions. Be exposed to grotesque sights and smells associated with major trauma, burn victims and fatalities.
  • Make rapid transitions from rest to near maximal exertion without warm-up period.
  • Operate in environments of high noise, poor visibility, limited mobility, at heights, and in enclosed or confined spaces.
  • Use manual and power tools in the performance of duties.
  • Rely on senses of sight, hearing, smell, and touch to help determine the nature of the emergency, maintain personal safety, and make critical decisions in a confused, chaotic, and potentially life-threatening environment throughout the duration of the operation.


Have a firm working knowledge of current methods and techniques used in medical, rescue, firefighting and emergency procedures.

Have the ability to make clear, concise reports both orally and in writing.Have basic computer skills to run and prepare reports.

Have the ability to read, comprehend, and comply with the various SOPs, memoranda, bulletins, orders, policies, and other written documents concerning procedures and operations as set forth by the Department or other governmental agencies.

Have the ability to reach calmly, promptly, and to understand and follow oral and written instructions in emergency and non-emergency situations.

Have the skill and physical ability to efficiently and effectively operate all tools, appliances and equipment supplied by the Department that are used during medical emergencies, fire suppression , extrication, ventilation, forcible entry, salvage or the overhaul process.

Have the ability to drive a vehicle on emergency and non-emergency responses.

Have a working knowledge of the County’s geography and have a firm understanding and ability to properly utilize the Department map book and any other appropriate maps.Shall have a working knowledge of their assigned District’s fire hydrant systems and static water sources.

Know the location of all area hospitals and be able to reach these facilities, from any area within the County or nearby areas adjacent to the County, using the safest and most expedient route.

NOTE:  Firefighters assigned to drive apparatus must also fulfill the principal duties of the Engineer position.
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