HVAC Electrical and Diagnostic – Fall 2019

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This event finished on 17 October 2019

FEE: $300.00 DATES: Starts October 15, 2019 thru November 21, 2019  TIME: 5pm-8pm Tuesdays & Thursdays evenings LOCATION: Building F – Room 203 HOURS: 36 Total The class would consist of the following:  Methods to measure watts, resistance, voltage, and amperage.  Explain codes, standards for safety, and requirements when working with the electrical components. Identify and explain the functions of various types of motors and components. Test, size, and replace protection devices such as fuses and breakers, motor starters, and overloads. Troubleshoot, test, and analyze electrical motors.  Explain the principles and functions of Direct Digital Control (DDC).  Identify, test and replace circuits and boards. Troubleshoot electrical circuits for heating and air-conditioning systems ~~~~General Release and Indemnification I understand that by registering for this FCTC Community Enrichment class, for itself, its agents, officers, employees, successors and assigns, hereby release, indemnify, hold harmless, and forever discharge the St. Johns County School Board and the St. Johns County School District (collectively, the “School Board”) its agents, officers, employees, successor and assigns from and against any and all claims, causes of action, demands, damages or losses of any kind, resulting from and imposed upon, incurred by or asserted to services furnished or property used through this program including claims of negligence found to be solely negligent. This release covers all claims and damages, whether or not contemplated at the present time.  


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