Walter’s Reef Cafe Opening

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Experience the growth of our future chef’s by visiting our Café in Building C.

Walter’s Reef Menu
Quiche Lorraine with a Side Salad

Leek and Shallot quiche with a Side Salad

Summer Vegetable and Bacon Crepes with Herb Sauce (Squash & Mushrooms)

Niçoise Salad of Tuna, pickled Haricot Verts, Egg, Potato & Citrus Vinaigrette

Strawberry Gelato Profiteroles


Open on Tuesday and Thursday from 12 – 1 PM with seating for 25
To ensure space is available, please RSVP at (904) 547-3455
Provide your name, guest count, and arrival time
RSVP’s may be made up to 1 week in advance
Reservation will be held for 10 minutes
Walk-in’s are welcome
For more than 8 people, please contact Denise Jones at (904) 547-3460

Also, you can Email us if you would like to receive updates and announcements.

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Thank you and bon appétit!