Wildlands Urban Interface

Event Details

Date: 09/22/22-09/23/2022

Fee: $75.00
Time: 9:00am – 6:00am
Course books: Links provided
What to Bring: Laptop or tablet
Meals and lodging are not provided

Prerequisites: Students should have completed Introduction to ICS (I-100), Human Factors on the Fireline (L-180),
Firefighter Training (S-130), Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior (S-190), and Firefighter Type 1 (S-131); or equivalent training.
This two-day course is designed to assist structure and wildland firefighters who will be making tactical decisions when confronting
wildland fire that threatens life, property, and improvements, in the wildland/urban interface. Instructional units include interface
awareness, size-up, initial strategy and incident action plan, structure triage, structure protection tactics, incident action plan
assessment and update, follow-up and public relations, and firefighter safety in the interface.
This NWCG course provides students with the skills and knowledge to size-up a wildland/urban interface fire incident, evaluate the
potential situation, order, and deploy the necessary resources, and apply safe and effective strategy and tactics to minimize the threat to
life and property.

Course Materials:



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Training takes place at FCTC’s Public Safety Campus 3640 Gaines Rd. St. Augustine

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