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Job Description
The Installation/Service Technician position is in the business of installing and servicing electronic security systems including, but not limited to, video surveillance systems, burglary alarm systems, access control systems, intercom systems, vehicle GPS systems, mobile video surveillance systems, A/V systems, etc. Most installs/service calls take place in the “small/medium” business environment (approx 10%-15% in residential environments) where we are working while the business is running thus a heavy emphasis on cleanliness and customer service is essential. Most installations will require 8-12 runs through the building to a head-end, as well as possibly, attic work, aerial runs, trenches (digging), running conduit, etc. We expect a technician to be able to run a line and trim a device is approx 1-1.5 hours each, 1 hour to trim the head-end and approx 1 hour to set-up client devices, demo/train the client on use, paperwork and signs/stickers hung (some variables take longer/less based on the construction/size of the building). A keen construction understanding of how structures are built is essential as to understand where/how we can run wires unexposed to devices. A heavy understanding of attic work for functionality and safety is a very high priority as well as ladder/drill use and safety also.
Work Schedule: Monday – Friday with occasional Saturdays. Hours vary based on client/company needs but generally have an 8AM start time and 5-6PM stop time; however, some later start times, delayed ending time and/or night work sometimes exist.

Travel Requirements: Our technicians travel Monday – Friday and return to their resident cities/towns Friday evening for the weekend unless the client/companies need to alter the route. Best expectation is Monday – Friday out of town.

Experience Requirements: This role requires knowledge of analog and IP CCTV equipment including but not limited to; DVR’s, NVR’s, analog cameras, Digital IP cameras, Network routers and switches, Networking protocol, Internet protocol, low voltage wiring for Voice/Data/CCTV required by county and state codes, industry Best Practices running low voltage wiring, common safety procedures and knowledge of the use of hand and power tools associated with installation of CCTV /Voice/Data Systems.
*** Related industry experience can be considered such as: Cable/Internet/Satellite Technicians, Electricians, Fiber Optic Technicians, Telecom Technicians, Phone/Data/Network Cabling Technicians, etc.

Other Requirements: The individual will be required to furnish their own hand tools such as, but not limited to; screw drivers, scissors, wrenches, sheetrock saw, wire strippers, RJ45 crimpers, glow rods, small drill bits, sockets/ratchets, all forms of pliers/cutters, voltage meter, and any other hand tool needed to accomplish an install or service call. The individual will be required to lift heavy objects such as wire, ladders and other items, must have no felony or criminal record, pass drug screening and have a valid driver’s license with a clean driving record.

Training: This role has an on-boarding and training period of approximately 4 weeks as a ride along with a Trainer/Senior Technician. Based on experience some are 2 weeks and others are 6 weeks. While training you are still required to meet all stated qualifications.

Compensation: This role has a window of compensation that will range based on experience and skill-set. Rates are negotiable and based on those factors but generally range from $33,800.00 – $65,000.00. These rates do not include per diem while traveling, commissions, etc. Rates/Offers will be discussed and agreed to at time of hire.

Hours:  See Job Description

Starting Pay:  See Job Description

Minimum Requirements
See Job Description

Instructions on how to apply
email: [email protected]