The Pretzel Lady, Inc is hiring a Pretzel Crew Member

The Pretzel Lady, Inc
135 Jenkins Street Suite 105B-323 St. Augustine, FL 32086

Contact Person’s Email Address:     [email protected]

Job Title:  Pretzel Crew Member

Job Description:  Travel outside of FL from August 1-Oct 25th working at 5 of the biggest fairs in the country selling hand rolled pretzels.
Hours:   10 hr work days
Starting Pay:   $14/hr

Minimum Requirements
Avail to work Aug 1- Oct 25 away from home.
Strong work ethic
Able to lift 50lbs
Respect for company rules, property & equip
Ability to work in a fast pace environment
Arrive to work on time
Ability to display great customer service
Work well with others
This is a great opportunity to improve hands on, real life, practical skills while traveling the country and meeting new people.

Instructions on how to apply
Apply on line by sending inquiry to
[email protected] or going to and clicking on Work/Travel Experience.