Veritas Steel LLC – Welder, 2nd Shift

Veritas Steel LLC
Palatka, FL
Welder, 2nd Shift

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Starting Wage: $17.00 – $21.31 per hour based on experience!

employed at Veritas Steel’s Palatka location are responsible for welding and fabrication tasks assigned. They must be able to meet high production demands promptly and complete high-quality work with expertise. Welders must also adhere to company policies to ensure a safe working environment.

Principle Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Uses proper safety equipment to ensure surfaces are adequately prepared for all operations
  • Air arc, Grove Welds, Flex Core, Full Pin
  • Know Weld Symbols
  • Understands general knowledge of welding codes and welding tools
  • Proper preparation, cleaning, and setup
  • Hand torch – setup and use
  • Understand basic weld symbols/gauges
  • Maintain shop, equipment, tools, vehicles, etc. to ensure the availability and functioning of required items and ensure safety
  • Coordinate with shop supervisor and other personnel to complete projects/work orders efficiently, on time, and with no defects
  • Adhere to safety policies to ensure a safe working environment for oneself and surrounding coworkers

Work Relationships and Scope:

  • Reports directly to their lead person and works closely with other welders daily
  • Quality, accuracy, thoroughness, and reliability of work performed
  • Safety record and no damage to products or equipment
  • Works with coworkers to meet the performance and productivity goals of the workday
  • Ability to establish and maintain trust and respect of shop supervisors and coworkers

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • High School diploma or GED
  • Must be able to read, write, and comprehend English
  • Need to be able to read metric tapes
  • Flexibility is necessary to work with others in a variety of circumstances and operate equipment using a variety of standardized methods
  • Must be able to work with a wide variety of individuals in the workplace
  • Employee must be able to adapt to changing work priorities, communicate with diverse groups, meet deadlines and schedules, work as part of a team, and work with constant interruptions during the workday
  • Employee must be able to deal effectively with times pressures, long hours, rapidly changing priorities, and stress

Physical Requirements:

  • Able to lift 40 pounds and carry 30 pounds
  • Must be able to push /move objects up to 50 pounds of force
  • Pulling requirements up to 122 pounds of force
  • Necessary to stand, walk, stoop, and kneel up to 99% of the shift
  • Must have a good range of motion when reaching forward, shoulder to overhead, and bending
  • Agile fingers and thumbs on both hands

Working Conditions:

  • Work is performed indoors in a large warehouse or outside in all weather conditions
  • There is regular exposure to dirt, dust, paint fumes, noise, moving equipment, heavy steel & other possible hazardous conditions
  • Safety glasses, hearing protection, hard hats, and steel-toed boots are required; respirator required for specific operations

You must pass a weld test of .052 wire 1” thick 3G Vertical grove. You will be tested by reading a tape measure down to the 16th and the test will include terms such as Convex, concave, Fillet weld, Partial Joint Penetration (PJP), and CJP , T- Joints and Bevel measurement, FCAW and SMAW. Study up!

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