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Why Choose FCTC

FCTC is reachable! Quality learning, small classrooms sizes, two convenient campuses, speedy certifications and cost-effective tuition come together to make education accessible and achievable for everyone.

Interested in a new career…
There’s four easy steps for How to Enroll. To reach out to staff or the department you need, The Staff and Department Directory will connect you with the staff you need to start your journey.

Earn Your High School Diploma…
FCTC is a top learning center for those seeking their high school diploma or GED. Completing your high school diploma opens doors for higher pay wages, college programs and other gratifying benefits.

Community Enrichment and Continuing Workforce Education
Whether it’s lifelong learning, hobbies or job training skills, check into our menu of options. Employers seeking training to upskill their staff can reach out to by email.


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