Dual Enrollment

What is Dual Enrollment?

First Coast Technical College provides students with the opportunity to take technical classes or electives while taking required academic courses at their home high school. Students typically earn 1 to 3 credits per year by enrolling in a technical program that last at least two periods.

Students who have completed credits in comparable technical courses at their high schools may receive credit for those competencies enabling them to begin their technical program at an advanced level. Students receive industry level training in a work environment lab. Dual enrollment students are exempt from paying tuition. Some programs will also require uniforms or safety equipment to be purchased.

What is the Dual Enrollment Application Process?

Complete and return the Dual Enrollment Application 2023-24 to the FCTC Dual Enrollment Advisor. These documents are also available with your High School Guidance Counselors.


What is Dual Enrollment Application Deadline?

Summer/Fall 2023-24
Application due to FCTC by March 10th

Spring 2023- 23
Applications due to FCTC by October 27th
*Please note that classes may be limited in the Spring

Dual Enrollment Programs 

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