Diesel Systems Technician

Hours & Location

1800 hours / 56 weeks

Tech 1- 1050 hours/ 32 weeks

 Tech 2- 750 hours / 24 weeks

Class Schedule

Industrial and Culinary Calendar

FCTC Main Campus (St. Augustine)


Tech 1- Tuition and lab $3,727.50 plus books, uniforms and fees

Tech 2- Tuition and lab $2,647.50 plus books, uniforms and fees

Testing Requirements

Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment Systems (CASAS)
Reading: 239
Math: 236
and Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE)
Language: 584
Scores are valid for up to two years

Test Center

CASAS TABE for Diesel Systems Technician 


Diagnose, repair, overhaul, and assemble diesel trucks and machinery

Maintain heavy equipment in a rapidly changing industry using a full systems approach

Use the same equipment and techniques as ASE certified professionals in a modern facility

Prepared for certifications,  immediate employment, and further education

Student & Alumni Spotlight

Average Salary

$49,920 /year

Community Partners and Recent Employers of Graduates:

  • Bozard Ford – Lincoln
  • Fields Cadillac of St. Augustine
  • Beck Chevrolet/GMC
  • Ring Power
  • LYNX
  • Great Lakes Power Service
  • Truck Crane Solutions – South
  • Waste Pro
  • Vac Con
  • N.A. Williams
  • A & F Compressed Natural Gas
  • Automotive Equipment Specialist
  • NAPA Auto Parts



  • Foundation and Safety
  • Electrical & Electrical Systems
  • Suspension, Steering
  • Brakes- air, hydraulic, air-over hydraulic systems
  • Drive Trains
  • Heating, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning
  • Hydraulics
  • Preventative Maintenance Inspection (PMI)
  • Diesel Engine Fundamentals
  • Engine Construction & Operation
  • Diesel Fuel Systems & Components
  • Air Induction & Exhaust Systems
  • OEM Service Information & Engine Systems
  • Electricals, Hybrids & Alternative Fuels
  • Preparation for the Medium/Heavy Truck series (T2-T8) of the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) industry certification
Diesel Systems Technician

Diesel Technician 1

OCP Course Number Course Title Course Length Hours
A DIM0101 Diesel Engine Mech/Tech Helper 150 hours
B DIM0102  Diesel electrical & Electronics Tech 300 hours
C DIM0104  Diesel Engine Techn 300 hours
D DIM0105  Diesel Brakes Tech 300 hours

Diesel Technician 2 (successful completion of Tech 1 is required for entry into this program)

OCP  Course Number  Course Title Course Length Hours
 A  DIM0103  Diesel Engine Preventative Maint Tech 150
B DIM0106  Diesel Heating & A/C Tech  150
C DIM0107  Diesel Steering & Suspension Tech  150
D DIM0108  Diesel Drivetrain Tech 150
E DIM0109  Diesel Hydraulic Tech  150

Industry Certifications

Automotive Service Excellence Professional Certification


Car and Truck Dealership Technician

Fleet Repair Shop Technician

Heavy Equipment and Machinery

Parts stores Counter Representative

Large Marine Shipyard Technician

Power Generation Technician

Trains and Cranes Technician


Discover how First Coast Technical College prepares students for the Transportation, Distribution & Logistics industry.

Completion Rate*

Based upon the 2021 Council on Occupational Education Annual Report CPL data is pulled from 2018 – 2019.

Steps to Enroll

Step 1‐ Attend a Program Information Session & Tour

Step 2‐ Apply for Federal Student Aid

Step 3‐ Gather Needed Documents

Step 4‐ Register for Classes

Instructor / Contact

Name:  Terry Smith
Email:  [email protected]
Phone:  (904) 547-3432

Name: Charles Harper
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (904) 547-3440

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