If you are not eligible for the grants that are based on financial need, or if you would like to receive more than one type of aid, scholarships might be the solution for you. Finding scholarships and grants to help you pay for school can be a time-consuming project. However, it is time well invested when you are able to obtain aid to help fund your education.

In addition to receiving federal and state grants, students are still eligible to receive scholarships. It does require a little time and effort on the student’s part but the reward is well worth it. Students are not required to pursue scholarships independently, but we encourage applicants to invest time in acquiring additional sources of financial aid. You can do general searches from your browser’s address bar, or you can use search engines like Google, Yahoo or We do not recommend any site in particular… Feel free to browse around. You will find plenty of scholarship information online!

Students can also search the internet for industry-based scholarships and additional grants. Examples are a tool manufacturer offering scholarships for automotive students, or cosmetology students receiving grants from hair product manufacturers. Don’t forget to check out your local community resources. Sometimes scholarships are offered to members of the community by local clubs, businesses, private organizations, etc.

This information is provided as a reference tool for students to locate additional resources in their community & online. The agencies’ sites listed are not directly associated with First Coast Technical College in any way and do not have any connection to the grants we administer at our campus. Any and all communications, contracts, and / or agreements are private transactions between the student and the agency. FCTC is not involved in any way.

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Letter to Scholarship Recipients


Horatio Alger Association Scholarship

The Association awards up to $2,500 to students in eligible in career or technical education programs in a post-secondary environment.

Scholarship criteria include:

  • high school completion
  • enrolled in a CTE degree/certificate program in Fall which will lead to employment
  • attend a not-for-profit post-secondary school
  • demonstrate financial need; applicants must be Pell-eligible
  • Under the age of 30, and
  • United States citizenship.

The application deadline for the CTE Scholarship can be found on their website. To learn more about the CTE scholarship or to apply online, students should visit


FCTC Career Navigator Program

Offers assistance to eligible students ages 16- 24 for tuition, books, supplies, uniforms & more.

Burkhart Family Foundation

The Burkhart Family Foundation believes that skilled workers are the cornerstone of America and they want to give back to our communities by helping more people get involved in trades schools. This new foundation has removed age and residence restrictions so all FCTC students are eligible to apply.

Visit for additional resources.




Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA): SEMA distributes more than $100,000.00 annually to students seeking a career in the Automotive Industry. Roughly 50% of all applicants receive at least $1,000.00 in award money. Since 1984, SEMA gave over $1 million to more than 700 students.



American Welding Society – The future of the welding industry depends upon preparing the next generation to meet the challenges ahead through education. The Foundation offers educational programs to foster the growth, stature and professionalism of the welding industry:

Here is a helpful newsletter from the State of Florida on scholarships:


NOTE: Be aware that there is the potential for Scholarship Scams!

Common warning signs:

  • You have to pay a fee
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Credit card/bank account information required
  • Offers exclusive information

Types of scams:

  • Phony scholarship – promises cash if you pay a registration fee
  • Phony scholarship matching service – pay a fee and they guarantee you will win awards
  • Phony educational loan – pay a fee and receive a low-interest rate
  • Phony financial aid seminar – a high pressure, poorly concealed sales pitch