Staff and Department Directory

All First Coast Technical College faculty and staff are carefully selected.

Instructors have the educational background and industry experience in the technical areas in which they teach. Each faculty member is certified by the governing board to state board policy standards.

College administrators as well as support and student affairs staff are also skilled and committed to FCTC’s mission to provide career, technical, and adult education to meet the changing needs of students, businesses, and the workforce.

FCTC adheres to all state and federal regulations pertaining to employment.


Ms. Force Principal (904) 547-3282
Mr. Simpkins Assistant Principal (904) 547-3469
Ms. Roman Secretary to Principal (904) 547-3282
Ms. Dennison College Advancement Coordinator (904) 547-3386
Mr. Flahive Adult Education Coordinator (904) 547-3430
Mr. Harper Career Specialist for Industrial and Culinary (904) 547-3440
OPEN Business Office (904) 547-3369 or 547-3504
Ms. Filippovich Career Navigators Supervisor (904) 547-3377
Ms. Soncrant Career Specialist for Health & Human Services (904) 547-3470
Mr. Talbert Career Specialist for Public Safety (904) 547-3540
Ms. Young State Reporting Administrator (904) 547-3372

Student Services

Ms. Augustus Student Advisor (904) 547-3378
Ms. Guldswog Student Advisor (904) 547-3379
Ms. Bulak Financial Aid (904) 547-3512
Ms. Shepherd Financial Aid (904) 547-3505
Ms. Lay Financial Aid (904) 547-3502

Support Staff

Ms. Jones Events and Community Enrichment Specialist (904) 547-3460
Mr. Veitinger Facilities Manager (904) 547-3282
Ms. Ponce Human Resource Specialist (904) 547-3302
Ms. Abstein Placement Specialist (904) 547-3389
Ms. Patterson Recruiter (904) 547-3354
Ms. Upshaw High School Recruiter (904) 547-3356
Ms. Mathis Admissions (904) 547-3387
Ms. Theisen Testing Coordinator [email protected]

Department Contacts

Recruiter     [email protected]
Admissions     [email protected]
Financial Aid      [email protected]
Test Center      [email protected]
Career Navigators      [email protected]
Registration      [email protected]
Student Advisors      [email protected]
Health Science Department     [email protected]
Public Safety Department      [email protected]
Industrial & Culinary Department     [email protected]
Human Services Department      [email protected]
Adult Education Department      [email protected]
Job Placement      [email protected]

Services for the Community

Character Counts Conference Center (904) 547-3460
Community Enrichment (904) 547-3460
Knot Just Hair Salon (904) 547-3451
Tech Tots Child Care (904) 547-3490
The Hidden Nursery (904) 547-3497
Video Phone (904) 201-4792
Walter’s Reef Café (904) 547-3455


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