Social Media Guidelines

Public Records. District social media sites are subject to the Florida Public Records Law, Chapter 119, Florida Statutes. As a result, any posting on District social media will be made available to the public and media, upon request, unless confidential or exempt from public records disclosure.

Public Comment. District employees’ District social media is available to the public for comment on topics initiated by District postings. The District encourages comments and conversations on its social media. However, the District values civility in public discourse and expects postings to meet community standards of propriety and decorum, regardless of the content of the posted message, bearing in mind that District media is accessible to school-age children. District social media is monitored for inappropriate comments. Such comments may be removed. Please keep the following in mind when commenting:

  • All comments should relate directly to the topic introduced by the District at the beginning of the thread.
  • Commenters should keep in mind that District social media is accessible to school-age children and their language should be suitable for that age group and an orderly school environment.
  • Obscene, profane, abusive, defamatory or threatening language is not appropriate.
  • Comments should not be used to cyberbully, bully or harass.
  • Comments should not promote illegal activity or violate copyright law. The District is not responsible for copyright infringement posted by an outside party.
  • Comments should not promote commercial products or services.
  • Comments should not contain racial, ethnic, religious or sex/gender-based slurs.
  • Comments should not promote or oppose any political candidate or cause.
  • While discussions are encouraged, please contact Community Relations with complaints or questions in order to ensure timely resolution.
  • The District does not guarantee content on any externally linked site. Links and mentions are not endorsements.
  • These guidelines may be amended or modified at any time.
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