Air-Conditioning Refrigeration and Heating

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Career Cluster:

Architecture and Construction

Exit Requirements:

Read:09 Math:10 Lang:09

Enrollment Open To:

Adult Students Only


St. Augustine Campus

Program Day/Evening:


What You'll Learn:

  • Compressors & condensers
  • Gas, electric, oil & heat pump systems
  • Heat measurement, transfer & control
  • Heating & refrigeration controls
  • Installation, repair & troubleshooting
  • Piping & brazing techniques
  • Preparation for HVAC excellence industry certifications
  • Proper safety practices & procedures
  • Refrigeration cycle
  • Temperature

Program Hours:

HVAC 1: 750hrs
HVAC 2: 600hrs

full time enrollment = 13 months, actual months may change depending on scheduled hours in class

Program Estimated Cost:

$5,796 (Based on Florida Residency Requirements)


Air Conditioning, Refrig & Heating Technology 1

OCP Course Number Course Title Course Length
A ACR0041 AC, Ref & Heat Hlp 250
B ACR0043 AC, Ref & Heat Mech 250
C ACR0047 AC, Refg & Heat Mec1 250

Air Conditioning, Refrig & Heating Technology 2

OCP Course Number Course Title Course Length
A ACR0049 AC, Refg & Heat Mec2 250
B ACR0044 AC, Ref & Heat Tech 350

Employment Opportunities:

  • Business owner
  • Installers
  • Repairs and service
  • Resort complex maintenance
  • Commercial building maintenance
  • Hospital building maintenance
  • HVAC-R parts distribution
  • Commercial & residential air conditioning

Industry Certifications:

  • Heating, electricity, air conditioning, technologies
  • Commercial air conditioning
  • EPA 608

Starting Salaries:

*Based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Florida


Program costs & book list: Air Conditioning Refrigeration and Heating




Instructor or Department Contact Information:

Name:  Dane Dwyer

Email: [email protected]

Phone:  904-547-3422


For gainful employment information please click here.

Name: Charles Harper

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 904-547-3440