Welding Technologies

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Career Cluster:


Exit Requirements:

TABE Read: 09 Math: 09 Lang: 09

Enrollment Open To:

Adult and High School Students


St. Augustine Campus and Palatka- Barge Port Campus

Program Day/Evening:

St. Augustine: Day/Evening * Palatka- Barge Port : Day/ Evening

What You'll Learn:

  • SMAW Welding
  • GMAW Welding
  • Flux Core Welding
  • GTAW Welding
  • Blueprint Reading
  • Cutting Skills
  • Light Fabrication Skills

Program Hours:

1800 (1050-Welding Technologies & 750-Advanced Welding)

full time enrollment = 11 months, actual months may change depending on scheduled hours in class

Program Estimated Cost:

$8,764 (Based on Florida Residency Requirements)


OCP Course Number Course Title Course Length
A PMT0070 Welder Assistant 1 150
  PMT0071 Welder Assistant 2 150
B PMT0072 Welder SMAW  1 150
  PMT0073 Welder SMAW 2 150
C PMT0074 Welder 450






Advanced Welder 1

Advanced Welder 2




Employment Opportunities:

  • Aircraft welding
  • Automotive fabrication
  • Bridge and ship construction
  • Building construction (residential and commercial)
  • Military, fire/rescue, and medical equipment
  • Oil pipeline construction
  • Oil rigs
  • Power plants
  • Ship yards
  • Welding repair shops

Industry Certifications:

  • AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Certification in SMAW plate in 3G-4G position, or pipe 6 G position and FLUX CORE plate 3G-4G

The Student will weld the test coupons he/she selects.  The welding will be witnessed by a CWI then sent to Certified Lab for results.

Starting Salaries:

*Based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Florida




Instructor or Department Contact Information:

St. Augustine

Name:  Paulo Gomes

Email:  [email protected]

Phone:  904-547-3344

For gainful employment information please click here.


Palatka – Barge Port Campus

Name:  Ronnie Story

Email:  [email protected]

Phone:  386-312-0337