Walter’s Reef Café

The last day in 2018 to enjoy Walter’s Reef Cafe will be Tuesday, December 18th due to the Winter Break with delicious servings returning on Thursday, January 10th.

On behalf of our Culinary Arts & Hospitality Program, have a wonderful holiday break!

Experience the growth of our future chef’s by visiting our Café in Building C.

Entrees $6.00

  • Quiche Lorraine           served  with side salad                            
  • Grilled Cheese               served  with tomato soup                       
  • Parisienne Gnocchi    with shrimp and nursery vegetables
  • Market Salad                choice of chicken, tuna, or shrimp

Dessert $3.00

  • Apple Bread Pudding  
  • Crepe Cake     layers of crepes and pastry cream, and Brulee topping

Beverages   $1.00

Open on Tuesday and Thursday from 12 – 1 PM with seating for 25
To ensure space is available, please RSVP at (904) 547-3455

  • Provide your name, guest count, and arrival  time
  • RSVP’s may be made up to 1 week in advance
  • Reservation will be held for 10 minutes
  • Walk-in’s are welcome

For more than 8 people, please contact Denise Jones at (904) 547-3460. Also, you can Email us if you would like to receive updates and announcements.

You are here map Building C

Click here for information on our Culinary Arts Program.
Thank you and bon appétit!