Fire Fighter/Emergency Medical Technician- Combined

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Career Cluster:

Public Safety and Health Science

Exit Requirements:

TABE is required; Reading: 10, Math: 10, Language: 10

Enrollment Open To:

Adult Students


Public Safety Campus

Program Day/Evening:

Day only

What You'll Learn:

Basic fire department organization & history

Building construction & structural awareness

Fire behavior and theories of extinguishment

Fire department safety practices, protective clothing & communications systems

Forcing entry into buildings & vehicles Hazardous materials awareness

Proper techniques of using fire streams to extinguish

Ventilating smoke and heat

Hazardous materials awareness

Assist patient with certain medications

Basic anatomy & physiology

Emergency childbirth

Gain access & remove patients from crashes

Perform critical life savings interventions for diabetics & patients having an allergic reaction

Perform physical exams

Treat and safely transport patients with a wide variety of broken bones or other trauma Treat heart attack patients or near drowning situation


Program Hours:


Program Estimated Cost:

$5,066 (Based on Florida Residency Requirements)


OCP Course Number Course Title Course Length
A  FFP0010  Fire Fighter I  206 hrs
B  FFP0020  Fire Fighter II  192 hrs
C  HSC0003  Basic Health Care Worker 90 hrs
D EMS0159  Emergency Medical  Technician  160 hrs

Employment Opportunities:

Firefighter / EMT – city or county fire / rescue department
Wildland Firefighter / EMT
EMT – hospital emergency room
EMT – private ambulance
Patient care technician – health care facilities Physicians’ offices

Industry Certifications:

Florida Firefighter II certification

Florida EMT certification

National Registry EMT certification (NREMT)

Pro Board Firefighter certification

Starting Salaries:

$51,190 *Based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Florida
*Based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Florida




Instructor or Department Contact Information:

Name:  Frank McElroy, Coordinator, Public Safety Campus

Email:   [email protected]

Phone:  904-547-3540

Name:  Ronnette Waycaster,  Office Support Assistant, Public Safety Campus

Email:   [email protected]

Phone:  904-547-3542