Requirements for Students Receiving Aid

Satisfactory Academic Progress

It is the student’s responsibility to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) each session to earn their grant funds. Satisfactory academic progress is:

  • Meeting minimum attendance requirements, missing no more than 17% of scheduled class hours during each payment period.
  • Maintaining a GPA of at least 2.0
  • Receiving a satisfactory progress grade
  • Proceeding through competencies & curriculum in a timely manner

SAP will be monitored every session. If a student fails to achieve satisfactory academic progress, they will automatically be placed on warning the first session this occurs. If a second violation occurs, the student will be automatically terminated & their aid will be revoked.

If terminated from financial aid, any costs previously deferred will become due immediately. The student must pay the costs, make satisfactory payment arrangements, or withdraw from class.

If terminated, a student can apply for reinstatement after they have to paid their own tuition for one session and achieved satisfactory academic progress for that period. Upon reinstatement, a student will lose their aid permanently if they fail to comply with FCTC policy.

Payment periods

Tuition assistance is based on your pay period, which does not necessarily line up with your enrollment dates. Your actual disbursement may differ each semester. Pay periods are usually one semester. (One semester = two 9 week sessions.) Class dates vary. Example diagrams to compare your program & pay periods are available in our office by request.

Grants are processed bi-monthly. Pell disbursements are submitted to the FCTC Business Office by the 15th and last day of the month. Checks are usually mailed by the last business day of the month(for those who hit their hours on the 15th), and by the 15th(for student who hit their hours on the last day of the month), for students who met their SAP requirements, have a credit balance & are eligible to receive a payout.

Return to Title IV (R2T4)

If a student withdrawals from class prior to meeting/receiving their grant disbursement, the Financial Aid Office will process their grant based on the student’s scheduled hours. For Pell recipients, a Return to Title IV (R2T4) disbursement will be processed. R2T4 basically calculates the percentage of aid the student is eligible to receive based on the hours the student was scheduled to attend class for that pay period.

Renewal of aid

  • Financial aid awards are not renewed automatically each session. Students must be prepared to pay their own tuition if there is a shortfall in grant funds or they do not meet the requirements to earn their tuition assistance.
  • Students must renew their FAFSA by April 30th for each year they’re in school.


  • Students are required to disclose to FCTC if they are  in default on a student loan or received a grant overpayment. Tuition assistance will be revoked if FCTC receives notification of such.
  • Students should notify Financial Aid of any other sources of financial assistance and/or secondary agencies providing funding for personal or school purposes, such as tuition funding, scholarships, grants, subsidy, etc.
  • Students need to report any changes in address, phone number, etc. to the Financial Aid Office within one week.
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