Privacy & Security

The following measures are taken to ensure the security of your private information:

  • All paper records are secured in each of the Financial Aid Specialists’ Office. Offices are locked every time the Specialist leaves their office, even for a short time.
  • All electronic records – network & local copies – are password protected. No records can be accessed without the appropriate login ID’s & passwords.
  • Information release forms are available online or in the Financial Aid Office for you to consent to release records to specific individuals, agencies, or companies.

Common access is authorized for:

  • The student
  • Financial aid staff
  • Authorized FCTC staff
  • Authorized outside parties
  • US Dept. of Education
  • Auditors
  • Law enforcement (Federal, State, local) with appropriate subpoena and after the student is notified
  • other educational institutions as needed to award financial aid

Examples of those who do NOT have access to your records:

  • Unauthorized college staff; parents (unless the student authorizes access)
  • Media
  • State agencies except for the State Financial Aid Office
  • Law enforcement without proper authorization

Completion of the Consent to Release of Information (FERPA) provides written consent to release information to third parties. Please submit the completed form to a Student Advisor so they can scan it to your student file.