Natural Gas Vehicles: Short Term Training

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Career Cluster:

Industrial Technology

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Enrollment Open To:

Adult Students Only

Program Start Dates:

To be announced

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St Augustine Campus

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What You'll Learn:

These courses can be taken separately as a 3-day session and a 2-day session, or as a combined 5-day training.

Introduction to Light-Duty NGVs Course (3-day):

  •  List personnel & shop safety procedures and describe appropriate responses to common emergencies such as fire, gas leakage, & collision
  • List major policies & regulations pertaining to installation, operation, and inspection of gaseous fuel vehicles
  • Learn concepts of pressure, density, & volume in describing, measuring, and handling natural gas
  • State chemical and physical properties of methane (natural gas)
  • Describe Otto and Diesel cycle engines and   explain how combustion is different with gaseous fuel
  • Explain lean-burn technology and calculate   correct air-fuel ratio to achieve best power, lowest emissions, and greatest fuel economy
  • Describe components of natural gas fuel system and explain how each operates
  • Explain operation of electronic control module (ECM) and components that connect to it
  • Describe basic diagnostic techniques, use of the diagnostic scan tool (DST) and meanings of diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs)




CNG Vehicle Fuel System Inspector Course (2-day):   

  • Understand theory, equipment, safety, and good work practices
  • Develop working knowledge of types of cylinders and fuel system components used in CNG vehicle systems
  • Visually inspect CNG cylinders and fuel system components for damage and deterioration
  • Describe construction techniques and material types used in CNG cylinder manufacturing
  • Vent and store CNG cylinders safely
  • Recognize various failure models
  • Safely and confidently handle CNG cylinders and fuel lines related to the system
  • Perform required reporting procedures
  • Become a certified CNG Fuel System Inspector by passing the CSA International standardized certification test for cylinder inspection.

Hands-on activities will provide participants with the opportunity to perform CNG vehicle fuel system inspections themselves on a CNG vehicle.


Program Hours:

For these 5-day training programs classes run Monday thru Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm

Program Estimated Cost:

$1,200 for 3-day Light Duty NGV Course*
$800 for 2-day CNG Vehicle Fuel Inspector Course*
$1,800 for 5-day combined training*
$410 for CSA Group CNG inspector exam**
FCTC is authorized CSA testing center
*includes tuition & fees, participant manual, learning activities, handouts, & review questions. Lunch (included) served at Walter’s Reef Café on campus
** CSA test fee is not included in the 5-day training cost


Not provided for this course.




Employment Opportunities:

Car and Truck Dealerships Technician

Fleet Repair Shop Technician

Heavy Equipment and Machinery


Industry Certifications:

This training prepares you to take CSA Group CNG Inspector Exam.

Certificate of completion will be awarded to participants.

Starting Salaries:

$28,000 - $60,000 Based on the Bureau of Labor statistics
*Based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Florida




Instructor or Department Contact Information:

Name: Charles Harper

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 904-547-3440